3 - Virgin princess - Bosy Elselhdar 2 - Hinovel (2024)

Prince Mathew York's POV

The ride was totally silent until we reached my hotel. She stared at the hotel in awe, as if she has never been in such a place before. Which was totally weird, because her father was filthy rich, maybe more than me, actually.

I still don't know why their relationship looks like sh*t. But I didn't want to interfere. Especially that I and Alex were like brothers, but he didn't ever mention his relationship with his daughter Viola or her age or anything at all. He just said that she was studying abroad, and that's it.

She opened her door and stood in her place, looking at the hotel. "Is that yours?"

I nodded. "Yes. How did you know?"

She shrugged. "I felt so, because you didn't inform the driver where he should go."

I chuckled. "I see that you are a really smart girl."

She walked inside the hotel, and I trailed her. The manager and most of the employees greeted me. "I want you to prepare a nice room for Viola," I commanded the manager.

She turned her body and widened her eyes at me, as if I insulted her or something. "What? Don't expect me to sleep in a room in that hotel alone. I didn't sleep in a strange place. I have lived all my life in the same room!"

I wanted to hug her at that moment!

I calmed myself and coughed. "Then where should you sleep then?"

She made a puppy face and stepped closer to me. "I will sleep with you! In your suite, I guess."

"What?!" I raised my eyebrows and said, dumbfounded.

My suite! With her alone! Could I do that? Seriously! Sure, I can do that. She is just my partner's daughter...

I faked a smile, but I was actually annoyed. "Okay then, you will join me in my suite."

She chuckled cheerfully and threw her body to my chest. "Thank you so much, Mathew."

I patted her back. "It's okay."

Then I gestured to the manager to go and prepare my suite. It was my private one, and I already had everything there. I ushered her to walk with me to my private elevator, and we stepped inside alone, while my assistant and my guards followed us in the other elevators.

Once I pushed the button of the elevator and the door shut down, she stepped closer to me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I pulled my face away, staring at her, surprised by her behavior.

She said, out of the blue, "Can I call you daddy?"

I gulped and tried to push her away, but my hands didn't have the guts. I loved her touch over my skin. I loved her scent, and the way she looked deeply into my eyes, as if she was invading my soul.

I snapped to myself to take control. "What? You can't! Do you even know the meaning of 'daddy'?!" I smirked, trying to cover the shivers all over my body. Her affection was irresistible. I couldn't take my eyes away from her. I couldn't step one inch back. I spontaneously stepped closer, leaving no gap at all between our faces.

She bit her lips and whispered seductively, "I know exactly what it means... I want you to be my daddy."

I stared in depth, trying to process in my mind what she just said, but I guess I couldn't. Why me? She was even a virgin! Maybe she just wanted a man better than her father, that's all.

I decided to come back to my senses and not let a young girl like her push me into a forbidden relationship. She was my partner's daughter, and I couldn't do that.

Yes, maybe she just wanted to do something bad with me, to tease her father or something. She wasn't stupid, after all, and not me, either, to be trapped into her pranks.

I scoffed and pushed her arms next to her body. "No! And don't even think of seducing me. For me... You are just my partner's daughter. I will never betray my partner ever or touch his daughter." I said firmly, ending that weird discussion.

She narrowed her eyes, then laughed hysterically. "Okay, that's good. Then you have passed the test."

I gazed at her in curiosity. "What test?!"

She waved her brows up and down, competitively. "I just wanted to know if I could trust you or not..." she said, explaining, and paused.

Then she trailed off when we reached the suite level. "Because I do sleep naked."

'What the f*ck!!!! She sleeps naked?! How could I sleep in the same suite with a naked, hot girl! f*ck... No way I could resist her, and after all, I have never fallen for a virgin human girl ever before, not even with a she-wolf woman. I'm not into virgins, nor interested in any. And my stone heart can't be melted by her hellfire balls.

At least, I thought so.

3 - Virgin princess - Bosy Elselhdar 2 - Hinovel (2024)
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