Expanded FDIC Deposit Insurance Protection › Preferred Bank (2024)

All deposits at Preferred Bank are covered by the standard FDIC Insurance amount of $250,000 per customer. If your deposits exceed $250,000, we offer additional FDIC insurance coverage through IntraFi® Network Deposits CD accounts and DDA/MMDA accounts. When you utilize these services, we’ll split your deposit into increments less than $250,000 and place these funds across our network of well-capitalized banks. With this arrangement, your entire deposit will remain fully protected, while you continue to work with Preferred Bank.

Certificate of Deposit (CD) Accounts

With CD accounts, you can access insurance on deposits up to $50 million and earn interest rates comparable to CDs. Maturities range from 4 weeks to two years.

Demand Deposit Account (DDA) & Money Market Deposit Account (MMDA)

DDA/MMDA allows you to place funds into demand deposit and/or money market deposit accounts. You can deposit up to $100 million for each account type. With this option, you may receive expanded insurance protection and still have the flexibility to access your funds when you need them.


Access to FundsEarly withdrawals before maturity are subject to penaltyAnytime without penalty
Maximum Deposit Limit$50 Million$100 Million
Combined Deposit Limit*$150 Million$150 Million
Account HoldersCustomers who want FDIC insurance coverage on large deposits and do not require immediate access to funds.Customers who want FDIC insurance coverage on large deposits and need liquidity with their funds.

1.* Higher deposit limits may be accepted on exceptional basis.

2. Funds may be submitted for placement only after a depositor enters into the IntraFi Network Deposits CD or DDA/MMDA Deposit Placement Agreement with Preferred Bank. The Agreement contains important terms and conditions regarding the placement of funds by us. Please read the agreement carefully before signing it. Both CD accounts and DDA/MMDA accounts incur a monthly fee.

3.Contact our branch for the details or call us toll-free at (888) 673-1808.

Expanded FDIC Deposit Insurance Protection › Preferred Bank (2024)
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