Ken Goldin From King of Collectibles: All We Know About the Star (2024)

Netflix’s ‘King of Collectibles: The Goldin Touch’ is an exciting reality show that follows Ken Goldin, a pioneer and leader in the memorabilia industry. While Ken got into the business of collecting rare and sought-after items from a young age, he soon realized that his hobby could end up making him millions of dollars. Likewise, the Netflix show documents him traveling around the United States and digging up incredible collectibles that any collector would be envious of. However, like most new reality stars, the interest in Ken’s life doubled with the show, and fans are eager to know more about the famous businessman. Well, worry not because here is everything we know about Ken Goldin.

Ken Goldin’s Age and Early Encounter with Collectibles

While Ken Goldin is 57 years old at the time of writing, he grew up in a close-knit family and shared an excellent bond with his parents. In fact, they always encouraged him to follow his dreams, and Ken was never afraid of taking new chances and looking for new experiences. However, he had no idea that one such experience would end up changing his life forever. Back in 1978, when Ken was just 12 years of age, he discovered that his friend had a massive baseball card collection. Hence, he talked to him, and the friend finally decided to exchange the whole collection for about $50 worth of toy cars.

Although neither knew the value of the baseball cards back then, Ken soon realized that he had traded a few toy cars for a collection valued at several thousand dollars. This successful childhood deal ignited Ken’s passion for the memorabilia industry, and he was determined to turn it into a career. Hence, even though Ken pursued courses in Business Administration and Management from The George Washington University School of Business and Drexel University after high school, he eventually co-established a collectible business with his dad at the age of 20 and has never looked back since then.

Ken Goldin’s Professional Journey

The company Ken Goldin started with his father at 20 years of age was based out of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and called The Score Board Inc. Ken held the position of the Chief Executive Officer at The Score Board Inc. from 1986 to 1997 before deciding to establish another organization. Hence, in 1998, Ken founded Goldin Sports Inc., which was based out of Sunny Isles Beach, Florida. Naturally, with the memorabilia industry gaining popularity, Goldin Sports soon became a powerhouse, and Ken grew famous as an incredible businessman who dealt in only the rarest of the rare sports memorabilia.

Subsequently, in January 2012, Ken established his flagship company, Goldin or Goldin Auctions, which is worth several million dollars as of the present. Currently, Ken serves as the Executive Chairman of Goldin Auctions and operates his business out of Runnemede, New Jersey. Besides, apart from being one of the most well-known faces in the memorabilia industry, he has sold well over a billion dollars worth of collectibles and has been involved in a few famous deals, including the sale of a Mike Trout Bowman rookie card for $3.9 billion as well as a Kobe Bryant jersey which fetched a staggering price of $3.69 million on the market. In fact, in a 2021 interview, Ken revealed that his company was on course to make $500 million in sales in a single year, and his business has only gone up since then.

Ken Goldin’s Family Life With Wife and Kids

We are happy to report that Ken Goldin is happily married, although he prefers to keep his wife’s identity under wraps. Still, from the looks of it, they have built up a wonderful family together, and Ken even takes time out from his busy schedule to make beautiful memories with his loved ones. On top of it, Ken is also a proud father to Laura, Paul, and Carleigh, and he often features the children on his social media accounts. It is genuinely heartwarming to witness the remarkable bond shared by Ken and his family, and we hope happiness never eludes them in the years to come.

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Ken Goldin From King of Collectibles: All We Know About the Star (2024)
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