Mediterranean Diet: Key to Longevity in Buena Vista County. Doctor Explains (2024)

In this article, Dr. Shelandra Bell, DO, Family Medicine, shares her expert insights into the findings and provides Virginia residents with evidence-based recommendations for protecting their health.

Why This Matters to You: A new study reveals that adopting a Mediterranean diet can have a profound impact on women's health and reduce the risk of all-cause mortality. This finding is not only significant on a national level but also hits close to home for women in Buena Vista County.

What This Means for Your Health: Opt for fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, nuts, seeds, and olive oil. These are all key elements of the Mediterranean diet. Cut back on red meat, processed foods, and added sugars. By incorporating these key elements of the Mediterranean diet into your daily meals you directly impact your longevity.

Doctors' Expert Insights about the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet and Your Heart Health in Buena Vista County, Virginia

Know this: "The study's findings have significant implications for the health of women in Buena Vista County and across Virginia. By adopting a Mediterranean-style eating pattern, women in our community can potentially reduce their risk of chronic diseases and improve their overall well-being.

Regular check-ins on diet adherence and monitoring metabolic markers like inflammation, insulin resistance, and blood lipids can help women in Buena Vista County track their progress and stay motivated. Setting achievable goals, such as aiming to eat one more serving of vegetables per day or replacing refined grains with whole grains can make the transition to a Mediterranean-style diet more manageable.

Health professionals in Buena Vista County could also emphasize the importance of overall lifestyle changes, including taking advantage of the many parks and trails available in Buena Vista County for regular physical activity.

By tapping into the unique resources and community support available in Buena Vista County, women can more easily adopt and maintain a Mediterranean-style eating pattern for improved health and longevity." says Dr. Shelandra Bell, Family Medicine.

The Mediterranean diet is a long-term approach to healthy eating that can be easily maintained and enjoyed. It's not a temporary solution or a trendy diet plan, but rather a way of life that can significantly improve overall health and well-being over an extended period..." emphasizes Dr. Puja Uppal, Family Medicine.

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Mediterranean Diet: Key to Longevity in Buena Vista County. Doctor Explains (1)

Actionable steps: The study shows that the Mediterranean diet is not only good for general health but also significantly reduces the risk of death. Dr. Shafqat Ahmad explained, "Women who followed the Mediterranean diet closely had a much lower risk of dying from any cause." This is important for managing chronic conditions like heart disease and diabetes, as the diet helps "reduce inflammation, improve cholesterol levels, and enhance insulin sensitivity."

Next Steps: Work closely with your healthcare team to develop a personalized treatment plan and monitor progress. Engage in regular physical activity, manage stress, and quit smoking.

Your should know that smoking, including vaping, is a significant risk factor for heart disease. Quitting is crucial for those with heart health issues.

Control other risk factors: Work with your healthcare team to manage other cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Know your A1c, blood pressure, and cholesterol values.

Resource: The American College of Cardiology is a great resource for learning more about your ASCVD Risk. (Visit Site) Begin the conversation about how to improve your heart health with your healthcare team.

The study's findings have far-reaching implications for healthcare in Buena Vista County. "Many large-scale observational epidemiological studies with long follow-up support an association between higher adherence to Mediterranean diet and reduced risk of all-cause mortality," says Dr. Ahmad. By incorporating more Mediterranean-inspired meals into their diets, residents could potentially reduce their risk of chronic diseases like heart disease, stroke, and certain types of cancer. This could lead to a healthier population and reduced healthcare costs in the long run.

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Read the Study at JAMA Network Open. (Click Here)

Mediterranean Diet: Key to Longevity in Buena Vista County. Doctor Explains (2)

Health Standard Newswire: Discover the heart-healthy, life-enhancing power of the Mediterranean diet.

**Key Health and Medical Statistics of ** Buena Vista County, Virginia

Did you know there were 16654 deaths from heart disease in Virginia in 2021?

23.5% of you in Buena Vista County are smokers.

31% of you in Buena Vista County have been screened for cholesterol in the past 5 years.

37.8% of you in Buena Vista County are obese.

36.9% of you in Buena Vista County are sleeping less than 7 hours per night.

**Health Facts That Matter: ** The health data mentioned above have a direct impact on your physical well-being and play a crucial role in determining your overall health outcomes.

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Mediterranean Diet: Key to Longevity in Buena Vista County. Doctor Explains (2024)
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