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Thomas ARMSTRONG (a sailmaker) married Polly? They had 3 children living at 1 Owen Cottages in 1851 census. I can’t seem to find where that is on the map. Did the place change names, roads changed? It appears Thomas is no longer on the census. Looking for ancestry information.

Written: 2024

Thomas Sidney Nicholls
Court Records show a person as a habitual criminal and was shown as using other names O Halloran , Williams, His offences where theft and deception and he was reported as serving a prison term in Pentonville prison, His crimes show in Australia Manchester Devon and Plymouth. West Wickham Bristol Waterloo and Duffield Derby, The calendar of Prisoners 1868 to 1929. This person must have lived after his sentence of 6 years in Jan 1929. I feel he travelled by ship and was on the 1901 Census of the Training Ship Mount Edgecumbe. There might be a living child or person who cannot find the Birth of this Criminal. I feel is might be the missing part of my family Tree Born Battersea London 23rd Feb 1886. If any person can gain more proof of this Criminal I can prove if this matches my family Tree.

Written: 2021, Member logged in: 2024

Anybody recall these people or places?
Looking for a connection between Sherwood and Chaplin or Kenworthy.
Plymouth or North Brentor 1938/1941
Thank you

Written: 2020, Member logged in: 2024

Looking for any information about my 3rd Great Uncle John f Hender born 1843 in Plymouth. His Parents where Thomas and Mary . Thanks.

Written: 2020, Member logged in: 2024

Ancestor in Royal Naval Reserves WW1
Looking for information about a Richard James Born 1873 in Paul Newlyn. I heard it through the family grapevine that he served in WW1 on the HMS Majestic . Any Military history regarding this would be appreciated . I have checked the Kew Records for WW1 but there is only a snippet of info to be had!. If anyone could reveal old photos all the better . Thank you .

Written: 2020, Member logged in: 2024

Lillias Mary Mann
Looking for any one with a connection to Lillias Mary Mann born Plymouth 1910, father William Mann born Plymouth c1872 and mother Mary Jane Hollings possibly born Tavistock c1872.

Written: 2018, Member logged in: 2024

Sarah Lavinia Wakeham
Trying to find anyone with a connection to Sarah Lavina Wakeham born East Stonehouse Plymouth 1870, married a George Gould in Plymouth 1890.

Written: 2018, Member logged in: 2024

Roy Ewart Gladstone Gould
Looking for any connection to Roy Ewart Gladstone Gould born 1894 Plymouth, from little information I have was buried in Mount Hope Cemetary, Ontario, Canada although did fight and survived in WW1.
Possible he and his family emigrated to Canada as no trace of him or his family can be found in the 1911 census of England, although shown as living in Plymouth in the 1901 census. Father Gould mother Wakeham.
There is a Nicholsons Fruit Store High Street Plymouth connection, reason unknown.

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PERRY Francis (Frank)
PERRY Francis (Frank). Born 1865 in Beacon Street Falmouth, Cornwall.
1881 Census living with unmarried mother Jane PERRY in Dunning Yard, Falmouth. He married Esther Jane HEAD in September 1886 in Falmouth and son William Henry PERRY born 9 December 1886.

In 1895 Esther and Frank lived at 4 Strawberry Cottages, Plymouth and Esther died on 23 February that year. Frank is an Hotel Porter according to Esthers Death Certificate. The last known whereabouts of him is on the 1901 Census, where he wrongly states that he is aged 41. He is a widower. His occupation is Commercial Travellers Porter and he is living at 113R King Street, Plymouth. I wonder if these are lodgings for staff working at an Hotel there?

He is my great grandfather, having fathered my grandmother some time during 1901, as she was born 6th December 1901 in Bridlington (a far cry from Devon!). Frank PERRY, Commercial Traveller is named as her father. We believe that the mothers name of Ethel PERRY (nee WRIGHT) is a fictitious name, as my grandmother was brought up by a Thirza TAYLOR.

Cannot find Franks death or where he was after 1901 and would dearly love to know!

Written: 2014, Member logged in: 2024

Austin in Industrial School
I have recently located two of my ancestors on the 1911 Census. Ernest Austin (1897)and his brother Charles Austin (1899) both born in Plymouth and both Inmates of the Industrial School for boys in Exminster, Exeter. I am hoping someone would be able to shed some light on "what they had done to be there" and "what happened to them after they left the Industrial School"

Written: 2013, Member logged in: 2024

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Plymouth, Devon - Local History, Genealogy, Surnames and Family History. (2024)
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