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× A lover with dark hair × [Ninjago lavashipping fanfic]

Ninjago lavashipping college AU, Kai a definitely straight guy, is falling behind in his studies and receives some help from a new friend.This might or might not result in something more.

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Character Descriptions

these are the profiles of all the characters in my work if you want something (like a piece of info) added then just say and I'll do my best to edit when I can.😃[COPLETE]

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Rising of the shield hero: the fifth forgotten hero

This is my rising of the shield hero fan story. What if a forgotten hero was summoned along with the 4 cardinal heroes. This hero was often forgotten due to him being very mysterious and creative, staying under the radar as much as possible. What will be this hero's fate will he fall for the stereotype or will he be different and will be aknowledged by the world? read to find out!!!(DISCLAIMER: I DO NOT OWN ANY ART USED IN THIS STORY NOR DO I OWN TEAM FORTRESS 2 OR THE RISING OF THE SHIELD HERO

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Trolls World Tour: The Origins of Music

(Book 1 of Many)Isekai huh? In a world of magical, fun loving creatures who sing and dance all day? How does that work? Well most would think that there'd be no reason to, especially if everything works out all peachy keen in the end. However, what if there was one version, one world where this was necessary? Now with the rise of an old darkness within a world full of sunshine and rainbows, would the addition of six humans from another world turn the tide or fuel the fire?(Note: Regardless of this being an added original story mixed with the story within the movie, along with being an oc insert, I do not own Trolls World Tour, its story nor any character under its name. All the ownership goes to Dreamworks and its developers. The only things I own in this story are any outside characters that do not show up in the original shows, movies, games, etc. Meaning my oc's and anyone else that is created by me to fit the story.)

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Little White Lies | Book 4

After the devastating loss of her mother and sisters, Riley doesn't know what to feel. Left with no other family, she only has one person to turn to, and that's Harry. Or is it only just one person? Having spent the entire summer in the Malfoy Manor, she begins to realize that she may still have feelings for a certain blonde boy. But, even as she struggles through this roller coaster she knows as 'love', she's still trying to uncover the secrets behind her own life. In the end, she has a decision to make; does she choose to love Harry or Draco?

Sunshine (Nishihina)

Over time Nishinoya and Hinatas friendship grew and grew! As they grow closer, one of them end up developing feeling feelings for the other. How will this turn out?(I own none of these pictures or characters. The only thing that belongs to me is the storyline)

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Nowhere and Nothing

The Doctor and Donna crash land in the planet of 'Retan Pleath' , a mirror image of Earth, a planet in which nothing has been able to exist there for centuries...until now. Thousands of sudden life signs have occurred and the iconic pair have landed, searching for answers.

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The 2nd Coming of Yoriichi

He was always a strange child. Having almost never ending stamina and remarkable strength for his young age. Born with peculiar flame like scars protruding on his face and hair with fiery tips. His parents saw this as a blessing from their God Hinokami and they were right for he was touched by fire. A centuries long war waged with many's blood spilled and a war he is fated too endThis is a story of tragedy, journey, fate, love, heartbreak, hope and of a legend rebornBut how is a legend to be made without struggle?Disclaimer:I do not own demon slayer or it's characters and do not gain any revenue money

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Saiki k x m!reader oneshot

⚠️ disclaimer⚠️ : i do not speak well english i grew up speaking another language. and i mostly write fluff, i'm not used to writing angst.i use y/n l/n. Yes i have seen others use m/n but y/n includes more people who have trouble identifying themselves with different genders, and ftm trans people.I am a new writer so please bare with me and i will take requests.

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Agent Winter - Marvel fanfiction-

the 18-year-old Madison Winter is becoming an Avenger. She will team up with Tony, Nat Steve Bucky, and the rest of the team, whilst maybe catching feelings for one of the Avengers. After some time she finds out the truth about her origin and her powers. But with the right people around her, she will maybe overcome her dark past that was haunting her without that she even realized it. this is my first ever fanfic so if you find some mistakes pls comment ; )I don't own any of the Marvel characters, except Madison Winter

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Read story Tempest | Alchemy Of Souls [Seo Yul] - Scar_lett_Letter | Novel2U.Net (2024)
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