The Legitimate Daughter Doesn't Care! - .6. (2024)


Upon seeing her, Wei Lan didn’t leave Xu Xinduo. Right now, he sat there, in his seat staring at Xu Xinduo’s sleeping face. After being called, he put his index finger on his lips and “shushed” so that they wouldn’t bother the sleeping beauty.

This lone gesture and his curious classmates assumed that the two probably knew each other. Now that they had found their answer, the air in Class Four really calmed.

After the second lesson, they got the news that Xu Xinduo was not Tong Yan’s friend but a newly adopted daughter of the Mu family. Because Xu Xinduo resembled the Mu family in looks and had a poor life experience, she was adopted by the Mu family.

(T/N: I think they are referring to Tong Yan as Brother Yan.)

Xu Xinduo had just walked out of the countryside, how could she know Tong Yan, a filthy rich young master?

She’d really frightened everyone.

What the hell?
“Hello.” Shen Zhuhang called out to the girl who had just transferred.

He’d heard about Xu Xinduo from Mu Qingyao and was full of contempt. He wanted to have this adopted daughter named Xu Xinduo go away.

He was Mu Qingyao’s fiancé. They were both childhood sweethearts. Now Mu Qingyao was also his girlfriend.

A few days ago, he heard that the Mu family had accepted an adopted daughter which made Mu Qingyao suffer a lot of grievances.

Last night, Mu Qingyao had even cried, saying that the adopted daughter of Mu family was interested in him and seemed to want to steal him to consolidate her position.

After hearing this news, he thought that the adopted daughter might have a hole in her brain. Otherwise, how could she have such a ridiculous thought? It was incredible.

Who was he?

Young Master Shen!

He was born in a well-known family, received a good education from an early age, had good looks and had always been very popular in school. But he’d never cared about it. He only had Mu Qingyao in his heart.

‘This country bumpkin who just came out of the countryside wants to seduce me, ah?’

Really, what was your identity?

To him, only a noble lady like Mu Qingyao was worthy of him.

Who was this adopted daughter anyway?

Could a pheasant become a phoenix by sheer luck?!

Speaking of that, the Shen family also played a leading role in the reason why the Mu family concealed Xu Xinduo’s real identity.

Mu Qingyao and Shen Zhuhang had a marriage contract since they were young which made the two families support each other and become one front.

If the Shen family came to know that Mu Qingyao was not a direct descendent of Mu family, they would definitely cancel the engagement. Moreover, they would not agree to replace her with a legitimate daughter who grew up in the countryside. After all, they had to maintain their dignity.

Breaking up with the Shen family would cause a devastating blow to the Mu family industries. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages, the Mu family came to such a decision and hoped that Xu Xinduo would be ‘sensible’ and ‘considerate’.

After Shen Zhuhang had called her and ‘Xu Xinduo’ had still directly ignored him, he simply nudged Xu Xinduo’s head.

With that, Tong Yan got up. No one had ever dared to make a noise when he was sleeping at school. On suddenly being pushed, he looked up at Shen Zhuhang but did not say anything. However, his eyes were not very friendly.

They were more than unfriendly.

They were murderous.

Shen Zhuhang was so shocked by the murderous look in her eyes that he didn’t speak for a while.

Tong Yan sat up straight, moved his neck about and asked, “Dry fart?”

(T/N: This is more like a vulgar nickname.)

‘This girl is really rude.’

Shen Zhuhang placed his hand on the table, leaned over and looked at ‘Xu Xinduo’ carefully.

Seriously, this adopted daughter is really beautiful.

At least for a split second when she looked up, Shen Zhuhang’s heart swayed.

Her hair was black. She had a pair of willowy eyebrows adorning a pair of amber pupils. Her eyes were like a cat’s- cold and indifferent. The bridge of the nose was high but not excessive, forming a beautiful arc. Her lips were not thin or thick and had a natural pink tinge.

The Legitimate Daughter Doesn't Care! - .6. (2024)
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