The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich - Chapter 1716 - Chapter 1716: New Rumors! - (2024)

Chapter 1716: New Rumors!

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Not long after Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan returned to the capital, another rumour spread.

This rumour was a supplement to the previous rumour.

Because of this rumour, many people had the same dream.

They dreamed that the person Lin Yuelan was getting married to in the empress’s wedding dress was not the Emperor, the Crown Prince, or the other princes and grandsons. It was the person everyone in the world knew Defender General, Jiang Zhennan.

Such a dream was even more frightening than the princess of Guguo getting married in the empress’s wedding dress.

What did this mean?

As long as one wasn’t a fool, they would understand.

It meant that the Defender General Jiang Zhennan was very ambitious and could very likely usurp the throne.

Previously, Princess Gu was only wearing the Empress ‘wedding dress, so the Imperial Family could only tolerate it.

After all, if the princess of the Guguo wore the empress’s wedding dress and got married, the person she married might not be Jiang Zhennan, but the crown prince or the grandprince in the royal family.

But now…

When such a rumour was spread, it was no longer the ordinary people who were shocked but the royal family!


In the royal study, Yuwen Longyan was furious. He threw all the memorials on the table onto the ground.

The main point of these memorials was that Jiang Zhennan’s high achievements had shocked his master, and he already had the intention to rebel. Otherwise, why would so many people in the capital have the same dream?

Didn’t this represent some kind of omen?

“Bastard!” Yuwen Longyan scolded,” The person behind the scenes is really good. He actually wants to kill three birds with one stone!”

First, he wanted to create chaos in the capital and the imperial court; second, he wanted to get rid of the guardian god of the Lonyan Dynasty, the War God General Jiang Zhennan; and third, and most importantly, he wanted to sow discord between him, Jiang Zhennan, and Lin Yuelan.

As long as he had any suspicions, he could use this rumour to get rid of General Jiang Zhennan.

Hehe, what a good idea.

This was the rhythm of destroying the Yuwen family’s empire!

However, what gave him a headache was that these court officials and the princes of the royal family all used this dream as a sign to make him, the emperor, deal with it seriously and eliminate the problem. After all, Jiang Zhennan controlled almost half of the military power in the court. Of course, the other half was in the hands of the emperor. In addition, he had the support of Princess Gu t s huge wealth. If he wanted to rebel, it would be difficult for others to control him.

However, Yuwen Longyan was the only one who knew.

Longyan Country had developed rapidly in the past two years, and now it had become a powerful country that was almost on par with the Black Clouds

Country. It was only a matter of time before it surpassed the Black Clouds Country.

All of this was due to Lin Yuelan’s advice to him. She didn’t want any credit. Of course, Jiang Zhennan also contributed to this.

But now, these people wanted to deal with these two people who had contributed the most behind the scenes. It was very common for emperors to kill the donkey after it had been used, but it also depended on whether they had the ability and whether the timing was right. If the donkey hadn’t done pushing the mill, once the donkey was killed, he would have to push the mill himself.

“These bastards!” Yuwen Longyan couldn’t help but curse.

Eunuch Zhang stood at the side and consoled,” Your Majesty, it’s mainly because the rumours outside are too fierce! Once the rumours become numerous, they will become real. No wonder the ministers took the rumours seriously! ”

When Yuwen Longyan heard this, he sighed heavily and said,” I know the rumours are just rumours. But why don’t those ministers know that?”

Eunuch Zhang didn’t say anything.

In fact, how could these ministers not know? They were just covering one of their eyes.

After all, they were talking about the Great General and the Princess of Guguo; one had military power, and the other was rich. The combination of the two of them was enough to change the entire imperial court.

If Jiang Zhennan really had this intention, then it was very likely that he would succeed!

However, this was only the worst-case scenario.

In fact, it was just human selfishness and jealousy.

Power, money and beauty, which man in the world wouldn’t want them?

Why did it have to be Jiang Zhennan, who was known to have a fate of being a jinx and a lone star, who was given everything?

They were not convinced!

This time, with such a good opportunity, how could they just stand by and watch?

Yuwen Longyan sighed softly..

The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich - Chapter 1716 - Chapter 1716: New Rumors! - (2024)
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