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Chapter 1717: New Rumors!

Translator: Lonelytree

Looking at the memorial lying quietly on the ground, he suddenly felt a wave of anger.

At this moment, a voice came from outside.

Yuwen Longyan said to Eunuch Zhang,” Go and see who is outside.”

“Yes, sir!” After Eunuch Zhang left, he quickly returned and reported,” Your Majesty, His Royal Highness, the eldest grandprince is outside requesting an audience!”

“No!” Yuwen Longyan was enraged again.

After receiving the order, Eunuch Zhang went out and returned very quickly. He said to the Emperor very respectfully,” Your Majesty, His Highness, the eldest grandprince said that he has something very important to report to Your Majesty. He’s kneeling outside the study now!”

Yuwen Longyan’s face darkened, and he said sternly,” If there’s anything important, tell him to come back another day.”

Eunuch Zhang said with some difficulty,” Your Majesty, this old servant replied to His Royal Highness just now, but he said that he wouldn’t get up until he saw Your Majesty!’

Yuwen Longyan frowned and said,” Let him in then. I want to see what he has to say!’

Eunuch Zhang went out once again. When he came back, he was followed by the eldest grandprince, Yuwen Xuhong.

“Greetings, Your Majesty!” Yuwen Xuhong bowed to His Majesty the moment he entered.

Yuwen Longyan was in a bad mood, and this person suddenly insisted on coming in to see him. Therefore, his mood at this moment was even worse and unhappy.

He asked with a gloomy expression,” Hong ‘er, you said that you have something important to report to me. Tell me, what’s the matter?”

Yuwen Xuhong secretly looked at Yuwen Longyan’s expression and knew that the current Emperor was in a bad mood. His heart quickly sank.

However, when he thought of the matter that he was about to report, he immediately became excited again.

If he reported this to his grandfather, he might be even angrier, and his mood would be even worse. However, this matter had to be reported now.

Because he had to strike while the iron was hot.

Yuwen Xuhong gritted his teeth and said directly,” Imperial Grandfather, I heard that two years ago, the Princess of Guguo and the Great General arrived at two mines, one gold mine and one iron mine. However, the two of them secretly sent people to mine the minerals for themselves. Imperial

Grandfather, the two of them really don’t put you in their eyes. What are they thinking?”

He almost blurted out that they were ambitious.

Yuwen Longyan narrowed his eyes, and a vicious light flashed in his eyes.

His face darkened as he asked sternly,” Who told you that? There must be evidence when speaking! Princess Gu and the general cannot be wrongly accused without evidence!”

Yuwen Xuhong was obviously stunned. He then said,” Imperial Grandfather, do you still remember the incident where the princess of Guguo suddenly fainted two years ago?”

Yuwen Longyan nodded and said,” I remember! But Hong ‘er, why do you bring this up?”

Yuwen Xuhong said,” Imperial Grandfather, your grandson has received news that the reason why Princess Guguo fainted two years ago was not to save Jiang… The reason why the general’s father, Jiang Yunfeng, was injured and unconscious was because…Because…

“Because of what?” Yuwen Longyan suppressed the anger in his heart and questioned sternly.

Who was he angry at? Yuwen Xuhong, Lin Yuelan, and Jiang Zhennan?

‘ Because,” Yuwen Xuhong gritted his teeth and said,” they were unconscious because they fought with the second prince of the Black Cloud Kingdom, Xiao Jingrui. It is said that Xiao Jingrui found the two mines in the remote mountain range of the Longyan Kingdom with the help of Jiang Yunfeng. The Princess of the Guguo and the General also learned the whereabouts of the two mines through some channels. When they arrived at their destination, the two groups got into a fight. The Second Prince of the Black Clouds Kingdom was severely injured and fled with his subordinates. After that, the Great General rushed back from the remote area with the unconscious Princess of the Guguo in his arms.’

Hearing Yuwen Xuhongs story, Yuwen Longyan’s sharp eyes became even sharper, and his voice became even fiercer. He shouted,” How did you know about these things? Also, other than these words, what evidence do you have to prove that the fainting of the princess of the Guguo two years ago involved two mines?”

These things were very secretive. Other than the people involved, only he knew.

The matter of the two mines was even more secretive. How did Yuwen Xuhong know about it?

Yuwen Xuhong choked and was immediately somewhat unable to continue.

In his expectations, his grandfather’s reaction shouldn’t have been like this.

When Imperial Grandfather heard this news, shouldn’t his first reaction be to be furious? Would he start to suspect Lin Yuelan and Jiang Zhennan in his anger? As long as he questioned and doubted, then he would naturally have a way to make his grandfather believe that Jiang Zhennan had great ambitions.

Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yuelan shouldn’t blame him for being ruthless. They could only blame themselves for not knowing the times. It would have been good if they hadn’t taken sides.

But why did they choose to side with the crown prince?

Since they had chosen the Crown Prince’s side, then the Crown Prince would definitely succeed to the throne.

Since that was the case, then don’t blame him for being ruthless.

Yu ‘er was right. That position could be inherited by any prince or grandprince of the Yuwen family.

But who would inherit that position? Why was it in the hands of Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yuelan?

Unless they really controlled Imperial Grandfather and made him listen to them.

Yu ‘er also said that the position was originally his, so why should he let that cowardly and incompetent Crown Prince take over his spot?

He was not convinced.

He had come here today to expose Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yuelan’s secret operation.

Two mines, one gold mine, and one iron mine. How much wealth was this? How many people could it feed?

However, Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yuelan didn’t say a word. They even secretly sent people to mine them.

Humph, privately mining a mine is a serious crime.

If one was not careful, one might be charged with the crime of implicating one entire family.

In this way, not only would he get rid of Jiang Zhennan and Lin Yuelan, who were in his way, but he would also get rid of Yuwen Yanyu’s position as Crown Prince.

While Yuwen Xuhong was immersed in his beautiful imagination, he was suddenly awakened by a voice!

The Village Girl Who Jinxes Her Husband Is Filthy Rich - Chapter 1717 - Chapter 1717: New Rumors! - NewNovel (2024)
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